Web Development

I have been a web developer since 2014 and class myself as a WordPress expert; I've been using WordPress for the last 8 years and can firmly agree with others when they call it the best & most reliable CMS widely available. I love WordPress and like to take it to the next level, meaning you have complete control over every aspect of your website.

WordPress controls over 30% of all websites online And because of this it is supported well, documented, and trusted by a vast number of web developer and agencies all over the world. I only use necessary plugins so to avoid unnecessary bloat of your website, meaning you can have peace of mind your website is quick and lightweight.

In October 2019 I launch my own business - Claba Creative, a creative agency that specialises in website design and development, photography, social media management and other online services. Go check us out!

Websites shouldn’t just be built and then forgotten about. Websites are powerful tools that can tell you a lot about its visitors. The data collected should be analysed and action taken to help increase sales and leads.

I am happy to work collaboratively or fully manage projects.

Current Employment: Claba Creative